Custom Audio for Casino Slot Machines


Current Job Openings:


We are currently full regarding in-house staff, but we do sometimes hire freelancers. We are currently seeking remote freelance Sound Designers / Composers who have verifiable experience creating original music and sound effects FOR SLOT MACHINES OR CASINO GAMES.


  • Verifiable experience creating original music and sound design FOR SLOT MACHINES OR CASINO GAMES. (Experience creating audio for other types of video games is not enough.)
  • Knowledge of the casino gaming industry specifically as it applies to creating casino game audio. If you don’t know what a bonus feature, payline, or a credit rack-up are, you’re not ready.
  • Your own DAW capable of producing professional-grade casino game audio content.
  • Knowledge of music theory and the ability to create music in a wide range of styles (rock, orchestral, jazz, world, electronic, etc.).
  • Experience working remotely as a freelancer under strict deadlines.
  • The ability to happily accept constructive criticism of your work, and make changes to it based upon feedback from us (and our clients). This is highly important.
  • You must be friendly and easy to work with.
  • The ability to consistently hit strict deadlines, with no excuses.
  • Reliable high-speed internet
  • A PayPal account for accepting payments.


  • Work in Logic or Pro Tools on a Mac. Other PCs and DAWs are acceptable (Cubase, Reaper, etc.) if you must 🙂


Use the CONTACT page and include:

  • A link to your resume (or LinkedIn profile)
  • A link to demos of your slot machine and casino game audio work
  • A short paragraph telling us about yourself and your experience working on slot machines and casino games.